Solving the problem

Arqlite is already solving the problem of plastic waste. Our proprietary technology is capable of upcycling the up-to-now unrecyclable plastics that otherwise would have ended on dumps, landfills, incinerators or even worse: water courses, polluting our environment for thousands of years.

CO2 reduction

Did you know that landfilling plastics has a big carbon footprint? Off course they don’t degrade but require lots of heavy machinery to transport and bury them forever.

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Protecting the ecosystems

The use of Arqlite Smart Gravel contributes to reducing mining impact. Also, because it is locally produced, it avoids big amounts of trucking contamination required to transport that crashed rock.

Safe is our #1 priority

Is inert plastic safe for water?

Look what’s going on with water in LA Here

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Environmental Product Declaration

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You’re an expert? Here’s our toxicology report

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Arqlite meets seven of the goals for the sustainable development of the United Nations

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