Concrete Precast
Arqlite Smart Gravel™️


A great aggregate to make your precast products smarter.

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Lower transportation cost

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Lower carbon footprint

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Lower installation times

Locally Produced

Mining quarries for raw materials and transporting it to a building site means a expending lot of energy. Arqlite Smart Gravel is 3x lighter than mineral gravel and can help your production for concrete and precast to move even faster.

Optimize cost

Because it is three times lighter than mineral gravel, you can load three times the volume on the same truck. And a light aggregate results in a lighter precast, again transporting more per truck.


Replace small amounts of mineral gravel with Arqlite Smart Gravel™️ to reduce the Carbon Footprint of your concrete mix while improving insulation and slightly reducing weight.

Replace higher percentages or use it as the only coarse aggregate for super light concretes and the best insulation for use in non-structural applications

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