Drainage, Hydroponics & Water Remediation
Arqlite Smart Gravel™️


An eco-friendly and low carbon gravel designed for ease of use and safe for water and vegetation.

Made 100% from inert plastics it contributes to deviating thousands of tons of plastics from the environment and transforming them into a valuable product to help you help the planet.

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Water filtering

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Water remediation

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Home gardening

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Made 100% from recycled food packaging, Arqlite Smart Gravel is ideal for use on landscaping and home gardening uses to maintain healthy roots and vegetation growing.

Easy to use

Because it’s 3 times lighter than mineral gravel it is easy to install and uninstall, cutting working times in half, reducing efforts and labor costs.


Being a low carbon material, Arqlite Smart Graveltm is also a highly efficient product, ideal for use in diverse civil engineering projects, landscaping and even home gardening projects.

Safety is our #1 priority

Is inert plastic safe for water?

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