Arqlite Smart Gravel™️


We take the best of plastic polymers to make it light, durable and a great insulator when used as a light aggregate for concrete mix.

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66% lighter

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10x insulation

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Controlled size

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Lower costs

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LEED scoring

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Water savings

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Better stability

Low Carbon

Arqlite Smart Gravel is produced under high standard manufacturing systems, resulting in a very low carbon footprint. This sounds great, but it gets better when you also consider Avoided Carbon for plastics being diverted from landfills.

#1: Safety

Our products are manufactured using a proprietary technology that assures great results on every batch. Plastics coming mainly from the packaging industry are upcycled into a highly efficient product, always tested for innocuity and performance.


Replace small amounts of mineral gravel with Arqlite Smart Gravel™️ to reduce the carbon footprint of your concrete mix while improving insulation and slightly reducing weight.

Replace higher percentages or use it as the only coarse aggregate for super light concretes and the best insulation for use in non-structural applications.


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