An all-in-one solution
for your complex plastics️


Arqlite has developed a unique process of upcycling all types of plastics. We support companies by improving sustainability metrics at a cost that is competitive with landfill tipping fees.

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The technology

Arqlite’s proprietary process takes complex and unrecycable plastics to create our Smart Gravel. We primarily work with laminates and packaging; we are currently experimenting with different types such as car bumpers and many other.

No extra costs

Send us your plastic samples to see how it works. You’ll pay Arqlite the equivalent to a landfill tipping fee and then receive a recycling certificate. We can show the world how we close the loop together.

How does it work?

You redirect your trucks headed to a landfill to Arqlite’s facilities. You’ll deviate your packaging plastics to an unsustainable destination and we’ll turn that into our Smart Gravel. That means you can trace your plastic production from start to finish.

Send your plastic samples for testing