The Team

Sebastián Sajoux

Businessman and entrepreneur, dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and the rational use of resources among governments, businesses and individuals. With extensive experience in the management of consumers brands through marketing and CSR, he immersed himself in the development of innovative solutions to help them become greener.
He currently leads the Arqlite team in the development of the first 100% sustainable commodity: an artificial gravel for the construction industry that is highly efficient, low cost and made from the non-recyclable plastic waste.

Andrés Manzur Echave

Bachelor in Economics and Master in Finance with specialization in Asset Management. Professional with solid experience in Planning, Administration, Finance, acquired in leading Agroindustrial companies, with clear business vision, results-oriented, negotiation skills and team leadership developed more than five years ago.

Currently CFO at Arqlite SPC, responsible for Economic / Financial Planning, Industrial Planning and collaborating with the Strategic Commercial Management.

Jorge Gordillo

Qualified Engineer and Master in Business Management, with extensive industrial experience in Plant, Production, Logistics, Purchasing and New Ventures. Vast career in driving positions in multinational and national companies of mass consumption and intermediate products with large personnel endowments and high international level in Technology and Volume. Extensive training and constant application of Techniques in Industrial Management such as Empowerment, High Performance Teams, Production Cells, 5S, Lean Manufacturing, Kan Ban, JIT, Strategic Alliances, Continuous Improvement, Total Quality,

Pat Grancelli
Head of Legal

Lawyer, with extensive experience, vision development of legal issues, project management, multidisciplinary tasks, high sense of responsibility, integrity and professional ethics. Efficient and decisive. Great coordination capacity and excellent interpersonal relationship constituting the success of the team projects. Total commitment and complete dedication oriented to the achievement of the company's goals.


Advisory Board

Luni Libes
CEO @ Fledge LLC
Nicolás Hussey
Design Manager @ Snail Design
Dave Alston
VP @ Stoneway Concrete
Greg McKinnon
COO @ Stoneway Concrete