At Arqlite we recycle HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP and PS, mainly focused on combined materials such as bi and tri-laminates, multi-polymer compounds, flexible aluminized, UV degraded materials, etc.
What does this mean? That we can process all kinds of plastics. And what we like most is to recycle what nobody else can, to make sure these materials don't end up contaminating a green space or a watercourse for the next thousand years.
Where are these non-recyclable plastics found? Mostly in flexible packaging of mass consumer products (packaging) which, due to its complexity, designed to protect the products contained for longer, have become very difficult and even impossible to recycle. These plastics seem to be of little importance, perceived as light and small, but they represent 39.9% of the plastic waste generated in the world.
We also recycle materials that have lost their capacity to be recycled by traditional methods due to the wear of their polymer chains, such as outdoor furniture, irrigation hoses, etc.
Does this mean we could recycle the plastics floating in the ocean? YES!