High efficiency gravel

Arqlite plastic gravel is not only an eco-friendly product, as it is 100% made from plastic waste that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill, an incineration plant or a watercourse, contaminating the environment for hundreds of years.
It is also an innovative product, of great interest for landscaping and civil engineering projects, as it replaces gravel or crushed rock, providing greater efficiency and reducing costs.
66% Lighter

Easy to handle, with lower transport costs, its low weight generates lighter concretes, reducing the structural support required, which leads to significant reductions in costs and materials.

10X Insulation
Its greater thermal and acoustic insulation results in a better constructive quality and greater energy conservation, by reducing the heating and cooling needs when used in floors and dividing walls.
Controlled Size

Due to its controlled shape and size, the use of  Arqlite gravel allows to define optimal quantity coefficients for concrete and drainage according to the different specifications sought.

Lower Costs
Arqlite gravel has a competitive price compared to quarry rock and its use in the concrete mix provides lighter structures, reducing the requirements of structural base and, therefore, reducing costs.
LEED Scoring

To receive a LEED certification, construction projects earn points in order to achieve different levels of certification. The use of Arqlite scores in categories 4 and 5 as it is recycled and locally produced.

Water Savings

With a mineral aggregate absorption capacity, effective absorption and humidity of the surface must be estimated. Arqlite does not absorb water, reducing the environmental impact and simplifying processes.

Better Stability

The low thermal conductivity of plastics reduces its reaction to extreme variations in temperature and, therefore, the possibility of fracturing or altering the concrete mixture.


Its high molecular resistance synthesized from low molecular weight compounds generates a material with high wear resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents.

What can you use Arqlite on?







Product description: Plastic gravel
Materials: Contains polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and/or polypropylene (PP). May contain traces of aluminum and other materials
Shape: Irregular
Granulometry: Mini 3/13mm and Large 14/30mm
Presentations available: 10dm, 25dm, 50dm, 1m3 and in bulk
Variations: Due to variation in plastic feedstock, composition, shape, size, color, weight and other physical properties may vary.
Benefits: Light, flexible and highly insulative compared to mineral gravel

Intended Use: Arqlite plastic gravel may totally or partially replace mineral gravel or crushed rock
Coarse aggregate to produce a light concrete mix for use in non-structural construction or to produce non-structural concrete precast elements
Filler for drainage layers on landscaping and gardening projects
Filler for gas venting