"¿What are the main advantages of Arqlite gravel?"

Arqlite is three times lighter and ten times better thermal and acoustic insulator compared to mineral aggregates. Once applied, it lasts for hundreds of years.

"Will the product affect my plants when using it for drainage?"

No. Arqlite gravel is harmless and does not affect the health of plants.

"In what percentages can Arqlite be used in concrete?"

Arqlite can be used in a traditional way in the 1-3-3 mix, totally replacing the mineral stone for a lightweight and elastic concrete or combining both materials to obtain the desired balance. It is recommended to test a test piece and analyze the results for each mixture.

"Can I combine Arqlite gravel with mineral rock?"

Yes. Adding both components will provide the resistance from standard rocks and the flexibility, insulation and lightness of Arqlite.

"May I use additives in the concrete mix?"

Yes. Fluidifiyers, accelerators, hardeners and other additives may be used according to the different results pursued.

"Is it true yo use all recycled material?"

Yes. 100% of the material used for the production of Arqlite comes from discarded plastics which are conditioned, classified and processed into Arqlite gravel.