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A scale solution for a scale problem

Every year more than 300 million tons of plastic waste are generated around the world, of which only 9% is recycled. The remaining 91% ends up in landfills, garbage dumps or incineration plants, contaminating the environment for thousands of years.

The main cause for these recycling low rates have to do with the complexity of plastics and technological constraints.

We call complex plastics to those that by their composition (laminated, aluminized, with high loads of inks, etc.) become impossible to recycle by traditional methods. The plastic wrappers or packaging stand out, which aiming to maintain product's quality (food, cleaning, etc) are made of different layers of material. Packaging represents 40% of the plastics generated in the world.

At Arqlite we've developed a new technology that differs from the existing ones as it is: i) low cost, making it scalable to every municipality around the world, and ii) capable of recycling all types of plastics, even the complex ones that until today had no sustainable destination.

This technology allows us to produce the first "commodity" for the construction industry entirely made with garbage: A plastic gravel that replaces quarry and river rock in the production of non-structural concretes and in the installation of drainage beds for construction and landscaping.

All applications of massive use.



Arqlite SPC, is a Social Purpose Corporation incorporated in the State of Washington, USA

The Corporation shall be organized and operated as a social purpose corporation, to the greatest extent permitted a business corporation formed under the Act. In pursuing any business, trade, or activity, which may be conducted lawfully by a Corporation organized under the Act, the Corporation shall promote positive short-term or long-term effects, or otherwise minimize adverse short-term or long-term effects, on the Corporation’s (a) local, national, state, or world community; (b) employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders; and (c) the environment (collectively, the “General Social Purposes”), together with the short-term and long-term interests of the Corporation and its shareholders.

The mission of this Corporation is not necessarily compatible with, and may be contrary to, maximizing profits and earnings for shareholders, or maximizing shareholder value to any sale, merger, acquisition, or other similar actions of the Corporation.

Arqlite commits to re-invest more than 50% of its profits back to the business to keep innovating and developing new and more efficient solutions to help solve the global problem of plastic pollution