We recycle what nobody else can

Transforming complex plastic polymers into high efficiency materials for the construction industry

Plastic GravelRecycling
Complex plastic recycling

Complex plastic recycling

Arqlite provides a recycling service to municipalities and private companies, differentiating from existing technologies for being capable of processing all kind of plastics, even the laminated, aluminized and degraded.

What we recycle

Arqlite plastic gravel

Taking advantage of the benefits of plastic polymers, we produce a new type of artificial gravel, durable, ten times better insulator and three times lighter than mineral rock.

Technical details
Arqlite plastic gravel

Watch how we are solving the problem of plastics around the world

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Arqlite’s proprietary technology can recycle all kind of plastics, even the ones that couldn’t be recycled before due to their high complexity level

Environmental Benefits

  • “Based on the tests we have done, Arqlite has an excellent performance as a drainage for soils, being also a lightweight and extremely resistant product”

    La Macetería
  • “Using Arqlite gravel on non-structural concretes we have reduced the total weight of the building by 250 tons, resulting in significant cost savings and a lower environmental impact”

    Latitud 35
  • “With Arqlite we have obtained greater thermal and acoustic insulation, reduction of the weight of the pieces and a more flexible concrete, thus reducing the possibility of cracks on our precast products.”

    Arquimódulos SA